The most important reason to wear sunglasses is to defend against eye diseases and protect the skin around your eyes from wrinkles. Not only for this, it can help you express your unique attitude too.

In the time of shopping, the most common question which pops up into your mind might be which types of frames best suit your face shape. Generally, there are five kinds of face shapes: heart, square, diamond, oval, or round. Be sure, first, which type of face shape you fall then choose sunglasses, matching with your face shape. Here I am describing some types of sunglasses keeping match with the face shapes. I hope you will be able to figure out your favorite one and will be helpful after reading these types.

Best Sunglasses For round shaped face:

Among all face types, round face is quite a familiar face for us. Diff Bella 52mm polarized sunglasses suit the most in this face type.

•Diff Bella 52 mm polarized sunglasses


1.52 mm lens

2.It has 100% UV protection.


4.Polarized shades are made with a special coating to block the glare.


The polarized lens is more effective for bike hiking or rock climbing.

Best sunglasses for diamond-shaped

Horn-rimmed Sunglasses:


1. plastic lens

2. plastic frame



people who possess a diamond-shaped face looks fantastic in a horn-rimmed glass.

Best sunglasses for oval-shaped faces

Nike Kismet Sunglasses:


1.Made of injected grilamid

2.Round shaped



1.Available with a mirror coating option that too on various colors.

2.Protect from intense light.

Best sunglasses for square-shaped faces:

Tory Burch Round Sunglasses:


1.plastic material

2.Traditional temples

3.Round shape


1.The warmth of the gradient lenses and it’s round shape work together to balance out the face.

2. It comes up with three different frame shapes.


1.Gives styles look



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