Presently, people prefer coffee more than tea. Coffee helps people reducing tiredness and increase their energy level. To enjoy the exact taste of coffee, grinding is a must.

Among grinding types, the burr grinder is best. Because the burr grinder grinds beans flawlessly, Which makes the coffee tasty. There are many coffee burr grinder machines. So, it may become difficult for you to choose the best coffee burr grinder machine.

Barataza Encore conical coffee Burr Grinder: The best coffee grinder machine

Among all the coffee grinders, the barataza is the best overall. Even the professionals prefer the barataza coffee grinder for making coffee. One can quickly grind fresh coffee by tapping it's on/off button. It is featuring 40 individual grind settings. By producing the quality grind, it makes a different taste in the coffee, which is awesome. It is very small in size, so there will be no problem regarding its size.



2.weight :6.83 pounds

3.Macro adjustment:40

4.hopper capacity:230 g

5.Ground capacity:145g



1.easy to use


3.small in size



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