We all know that, nowadays, kids are more interested in riding a bike. Not only boys, even girls, are crazy about bike riding. It has become a hobby.

Some days ago, My son requested a bike for me. As his birthday was coming, I planned to gift him a bike on that day. Bike riding has a positive effect on children. It improves physical fitness. Apart from that, it also benefits a child's learning development system & mental health too. But buying a bike isn't so easy. It is much harder. Many things have to keep in mind while buying. That time only one thing pops up on my mind that which can be the best bike for my child. Then after much thinking, I bought a bike for my child, which is the best bike for the child till now. If you are facing the same problem regarding purchasing a bike for your child, then read out this article to know about the best bike for Kids.

Nowadays, the market place is full of different types of bikes with various facilities. Among them, choosing the best is a bit difficult but not impossible. If you know the main features and benefits before buying, you can easily buy the best bike for kids.

Woom 4: The best bike

It is one of the best bikes for kids. It is the lightest weight bike among all bikes. Apart from that, woom has imposed a lot of thought to make the design.


The Woom 4 Is such kind of bike which introduce the kids to the world of gear-shifting. It’s two operate twist shifter boost the kid’s mobility. In all the way it is the best bike for kids.


1. 20" wheels, 16.09 lbs

2. Fits:6-9 year’s

3. 45"-51."

4. Gears 8 speeds

5. Weight limit 70 kg

6. Non-toxic saddle

7. Handlebars Width 580 mm.

8. Tyre size:20"




3.Easy to compose


1 .Expensive

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